Knights Templar tour

Difficulty Average

Duration 8H



  • Convent of Christ
  • Tomar’s downtown
  • Almourol mythical castle
  • Boat ride

In this tour we´ll follow the footsteps of the Knights Templar, a religious-military order full of mysteries with a great treasure that would include the Holy Graal.

The order of the Knights Templar was founded in the beginning of the XII century to protect the pilgrim´s on the way to the Holy land and their name comes from their original headquarters – the Temple of Solomon.

This order spreads through Europe and Middle East and arrives to the Iberian Peninsula, in the time of the “Christian Reconquista”.

Regarded as a holy war, it was centuries of battles between Christians and Muslims in the territory that is nowadays Portugal and Spain and the Knights Templar had a key role in this war and later on the Portuguese Age of Discoveries.

Come and discover Tomar with its charming historic center on the banks of the Nabão river and the mysterious Convent of Christ and its 8 cloisters.

The former Knights Templar headquarters in Portugal was built between the XII and XVI century and is nowadays a UNESCO world heritage site.

We´ll visit the church inspired in the temple of Salomon, its many cloisters and the iconic Manueline window while we discover the secrets of the Templars, their extinction and succession as the Order of Christ.

We´ll head to the banks of the Tagus river and by boat we´ll arrive at the Almourol castle, one of the most interesting castles in Portugal built by the Templars on a little island.

By the end of this tour you will have a global perspective of one of the most intriguing religious-military orders of the world and know the origin of the myth of the Friday 13th as a day of bad luck…

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The tour includes


Pick up and drop off in the hotel or wherever is convenient for you, boat ride to Almourol castle, 8 hour private tour done by an official guide, standard car with A/C, travel insurance