Roman Lisbon

Difficulty Average

Duration 3.30h

Price up to 2 people, 120 € / Extra adult: 20 €uro / Children up to 12 years old are complimentary


  • Downtown
  • Ruins of the roman factories
  • Roman theater
  • Alfama neighbourhood

Have you ever thought about what goes underneath the pavement you step on?

If Lisbon “overground” has a lot to see, its underground is very interesting as well.

Did you know that Lisbon was, in old times, the magnificent Roman city of Olisipo?

The roman presence lasted for 7 centuries and its influence can be seen in our culture: the Portuguese language, the Mediterranean diet, the roads, bridges and aqueducts. The truth is that the Romans were great engineers and you can confirm it by doing this tour through the district of Baixa, nowadays the heart of the city and the most commercial neighborhood, but in the roman period it was only the place where the factories were established, which produced the “tasty garum”, a sauce that was made with fish guts, fish eggs, salt and aromatic herbs, nhami!!

But the centre of the roman city was the district of Alfama, where we could find the forum, houses, shops, thermal baths and the great roman amphitheatre that you cannot miss!

Lisbon is a city with an unique light, with 7 hills and more than 2000 years of history! Let’s explore the city together!

The tour includes


3.30 hour private walking tour done by an official guide, visit to the Millennium BCP ruins, visit to the Roman Theatre museum and  Lisbon’s cathedral, travel insurance