Tasting Lisbon!

Difficulty Average

Duration 3.30H

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  • Downtown
  • Traditional liqueur
  • Portuguese custard tart
  • Codfish pastries
  • Traditional grocery shop and cafés
  • Port wine tasting

This tour combines two of our passions: the history of Lisbon and its rich gastronomy! All Portuguese like to gather around the table, to share some food, a drink or a pastry, it’s part of our culture and we would like to share that experience with you.

The gastronomy of Lisbon has so many influences that it becomes one of the most diversified in the world! Our gastronomy is based in the mediterranean culture, so there are some ingredients that will never be forgotten like the olive oil, the wine and the bread. The pastries will maybe show more influence from the Arab culture or even from the ancient recipes of the convents, a passion of the cloistered nuns. And of course, we cannot forget that the Portuguese have sailed the seven seas and have brought influences from Brazil, Africa and Asis, like the spices.

Is there any better way to get to know Lisbon than walk trough its streets, understanding its history and at the same time exploring its flavors? This tour is going to allow you to visit the city center, the neighborhoods of Baixa and Alfama, while doing a few stops to taste the traditional gastronomy.

Snacks, along with wines, beers, liqueurs and coffees, without forgetting the pastries of Lisbon, this tour is a true ode to the senses. If you have a sweet tooth or you are simply curious, do not miss the opportunity to participate in this cultural feast.

The tour includes...


A tasting of the famous Ginjinha (cherry liqueur), the best custard tart of the city center with coffee, codfish cake with beer, cheese with quince jam and port wine, bifana (pork sandwich) and caldo verde (cabbage soup), 3.30 hour private tour done by an official guide, travel insurance

Note: Let us know if you have any food restriction or if you are a vegetarian because we can always adjust the tastings in the tour