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Tax Free


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At the moment, goods VAT in Portugal is generally 23%.

If you live outside European Union you’ll have the right to the devolution of VAT on your way out of Europe. To have the right to Tax free you’ll have to do shopping over 61,35€ euros in one shop adherent to Tax Free (the logo will be visible). The shop itself will supply the forms that you must fill in and deliver in the airport.

On your departure flight you’ll have to show your goods in the customs. There are two options:

– if your goods can be carried in your hand luggage you’ll do your check in, you’ll go through security and immediately after you’ll see customs on your right hand side. There you can stamp your receipts. On your left hand side, you’ll see the tax free counter where you can get your tax money back.

–  if your goods are in your big luggage you’ll have to do the check in, weight and label the bag, but you’ll have to take that bag to the  customs counter number 107 and get your receipts stamped. Your money will be returned to you once you pass through security in the tax free counter.